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Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Schaefer with the vision of enhancing the development of Minnesota’s youth soccer players. The FootHolde philosophy is simple: committed players, top-level coaching, and the best and most challenging curriculum.
Our philosophy goes beyond the game of soccer. Our players will learn to focus and concentrate better, challenge and push themselves, work in social groups more effectively, have a positive attitude in adverse situations, all while improving confidence and discipline on and off the field. Players will come away from their FootHolde experience with a greater appreciation for the finer details of the game such as: work ethic, attention to detail, personal accountability, mental and physical preparation, leadership, kinesthetic (body movement) awareness, and teamwork.
FootHolde is a group of coaches with a common coaching goal: Player development, personal growth, and increasing the overall level of soccer in Minnesota. We strive to ignite the passion within each of our players and empower them to work to their fullest potential. Coaches are selected for their expertise in training, their knowledge base, and their motivational qualities in helping players reach their highest potential.
The FootHolde curriculum is the only curriculum (in Minnesota) that combines and teaches ALL aspects of the game. Our technical teaching focuses on footwork, turns and moves with the ball, and proper fundamental mechanics – such as dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting, heading, etc. Our tactical approach focuses on teaching players to make quick decisions, move off the ball (to create and exploit defenders), and solve problems in small-sided game situations. FootHolde also offers a soccer-specific physical fitness component – where strength (core and general), agility, speed (with and without the ball), explosiveness (with and without the ball), balance and coordination, and injury prevention techniques are taught and implemented. Last, the psychological component is addressed in free-play “street soccer.” Positive reinforcement coaching and positive player/coach relationships also help to make the game fun and add to the overall FootHolde experience. 
Essentially, the FootHolde programs we offer will help each player to become more effective on the field and become a better person off the field. We intend to create a culture of personal discipline and passion for success – both on and off the field.
Try us out! We are confident that you will enjoy your experience. We are here to help you become “the complete player.” 

More Information

Interested in more information about Minnesota's #1 Soccer Camp Experience? Check out the following pages about the Owner/ Director Jonathan Schaefer along with his quality staff. 

The policies page will explain all procedures regarding FootHolde Camps and Clinics.