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The following testimonials are from real people who participated in the FootHolde programs. If you don't believe us when we say our program works, try it for yourself!


“While I have never seen my daughter work harder, this occurred in a positive, supportive environment and she never asked if she could skip a work out–to the contrary, she looked forward to attending the program and was extremely disappointed that she was not able to work out with Jonathan this past summer.  Last summer, my daughter worked out with a certified fitness consultant and we were hugely disappointed after having participated in Jonathan’s program.”
- Stacey Dekalb, mother whose daughter
participated in a FootHolde Training Program

“The coaches were really knowledgable…they gave me input to improve my skills, strength, and endurance. I really enjoyed the actual fitness part, and noticed major improvements in my strength and endurance.”
- John Stillwell, 2005 Minnesota High School Player of the Year

“I liked the competition. The camp improved our individual skills and was a great form of team building.  It was awesome meeting other guys from other teams, and the coaches made it a lot of fun.”
- Van Hong, attended UW Milwaukee, NCAA Division I

“My daughter has become stronger, quicker, and faster!
- Soccer Mom

“The coaching and competition was excellent, the drills were very worthwhile, and I felt I had enough energy to compete in practices and games during the evening.”
- John Gianoulis, former St. Louis Park High School Varsity Captain

“Jonathan, I would have to say the performance training you did for Drew and Brian was extremely effective for both of them. They had to work REALLY hard, but you managed to be creative with the different things you had them do, and they had fun. They usually came home hardly able to lift their hands to eat! But besides the physical strengthening, they learned about nutrition and rest and I appreciated the well-rounded approach you had. They really do need a leader to do the kind of training you did. Thanks again, and good luck!”
- Linda Thompson, mother of Brian Thompson, High School State Tournament MVP

“I liked the skill level, competition for all ages, and the different coaching styles.”
- Eric Ruggles, Henry Sibley High School Varsity Captain

“It was a lot of fun to work with all the coaches and meet different players, but what I really liked about the camp was the actual intensity of the training and the exercises.”
- Kersta Carlson, U17 Girls Standout, State Cup Champion

“It was really fun because the coaches taught me different things I have never learned before. When [high school] tryouts started, I was way ahead of the other girls…. The camp (FootHolde Select) gave me the confidence I needed to compete against older players in tryouts.”
- Rachel Thompson, St Paul Blackhawks Standout

“I was sitting with another mom today and she was comparing her daughter to Sheri.  She was completely in awe of how controlled Sheri's movements were and how her daughter struggled and wobbled.  This is the first sessions for her daughter and I told her that Sheri was like that with her first sessions.  That is how far Sheri has come along in this process.”
- Leslie Stapf, Soccer Mom of player on former BanguTsunami Stars team