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Platinum Package - Train All Summer for $400 (Rugrats $300)

Register for our Platinum Package and attend any camp any day all summer long. 

  • Busy summer schedule and can't find the right camp? Register for the Platinum package and join us any day you want.
  • In town for the summer without a team to play for? Register for the Platinum package and play in the daily FootHolde Cup tournament.
  • Love to play soccer every day? Register for the Platinum package.
  • Trying to make your high school team? Register for the Platinum package and train and play with great players and coaches.

Up to 100 hours of training with FootHolde Soccer (that's only $4/hour)!

What FootHolde Soccer Camp is best for my son or daughter?

All of our camps at all locations will suit your son or daughter (or both)! At FootHolde, we provide three distinct camp opportunities at every location: ages 4-7 = Rugrats; ages 8-12 = Development players (all playing levels welcome); ages 13-17 = Select players (all playing levels welcome).

Whether you are looking at attending one of our Attack Camps, Skills Challenge Camps, or Tryout Prep Camps, the age and level of your son or daughter does not disqualify you. Yes, a 5-year-old can attend a Tryout Prep Camp, no problem, as our Rugrat curriculum is consistent across all camps. Yes, a 14-year old defender can attend an Attack Camp...absolutely! All good defenders need to improve their first touch and skill with the ball. To make things simple: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE CAMP NAME, just sign up and come.... I promise it will be an awesome soccer experience.

For detailed questions on a particular camp/location, please email us at

Summer Camps for Players of All Ages and Skill Levels!

FootHolde is now the largest soccer camp program in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area, with expertise in running soccer camps for all players, from ages 4-18. 

For beginning players ages 4-7, the Rugrat curriculum offer an introduction to the game in a fun-filled soccer camp experience. Players will learn soccer fundamentals, movement education, healthy eating habits, and social cooperation. FootHolde's Rugrat experience is also are a great place to meet new friends and learn from enthusiastic coaches who are great role models.

For competitive and recreational players ages 8-12, the Attack, Skills Challenge, and Tryout Prep Camps offer the best developmental AND most fun soccer camp experience in Minnesota, focused on teaching the fundamental aspects of the game through technical skill repetition (ball mastery), fun games, cool contests, and a daily competitive tournament!

For older competitive soccer players ages U13-U17, the Attack, Select I, Skills Challenge and Tryout Prep Camps offer the most intensive soccer camp experience in Minnesota focused on high quality coaching (from experienced and trained professional coaches), cutting edge fitness (by qualified fitness trainers), and competitive training (demanded by all coaches).

FootHolde's youth soccer camps focus on establishing a positive relationship with every player at every camp. We are committed to teaching, we are committed to having fun, and we guarantee a positive soccer learning soccer experience.