Juego con Destreza! (I play with skill)

FootHolde Skills Challenge Camps are back! We have been observing and coaching youth soccer players for almost 20 years, and the one thing we continue to run into is...that our players could be more skilled. At FootHolde, we hold our players accountable by asking them to "use your skill" in all practice and game situations. Players are not allowed the opportunity to just "boot it" and play such a beautiful game with no purpose or beauty. 

Therefore, we have re-created the Skill Challenge Camp, where players will get up to 5,000 touches per day (and we only train for half a day!) in various skill contests and competitions. Don't worry - the kids still get to play, play, and play more - as we finish each day with various small-sided game tournaments. Points are kept throughout the week and players are challenged daily.

Players will improve composure on the ball and confidence after a week at FootHolde Skills Challenge Camp. We challenge you to come try for yourself. You'll get better - guaranteed.